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hi iam Yvonne from SA .I deposited my account with $40 and I started to trade .well everything went well up to the stage of withdrawal .I made a couple of profits within few weeks and one of the days I called one of their customer care number for them to verify my account .they actually said they only verify the account when I made a withdrawal.

well I made a withdrawal but unfortunately my network was slow and I made two withdrawals of the same amount,leaving my account with a balance of 0.94 c but now I have a problem with them I can't access all my history of trades .the account seems it was tempered with .they once called saying nop it was not a withdrawal it was a loss but if we sum all the losses we wont go any further since some of the history trades are cut seems as if i call their customer care # is the more they are distracting evidence on my account. so iam appealing for help .how best can this be solved

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Hello!We are very sorry for the inconvenience!Unfortunately, we are not able to check your personal details through the social media channels but in case you are still facing any issues, we will be grateful if you contact our support and provide all the details of your case. In our turn, we will forward your issue to the financial and technical department to investigate your issue.Thank you for your consideration!Take care!

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada #1352306

IQ Option blocked my account with out notice or giving a reason. If I did this to my own customers I would quickly go out of business.

If an IQ Option executive reads this you may want to talk to your superiors and explain the importance of respecting thier customers.

Not a good way to do business when you block a customers account without notice and give no reason so that the issue can be quickly rectified. Instead you have angry customers who are left wondering what happened.

to Steve Howard #1478006

Hello, Steve!Thank you for your comment.Please mind that under no circumstances we can block an account without any substantial reasons to that. That is simply illegal and therefore out of our practice.We can block the account in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, also if we don't receive all the required documents for verification or if one has used the third party's details.The violation of our Terms&Condition should take place for such actions from our side.Please, contact our support for the reason why your account is blocked.Thank you for your consideration!

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