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I am going through the same thing right now. On the 21st of this month I noticed that my withdrawal request was on hold, with a note attached stating that I needed to provide identification documents to verify my account details.

The note also stated that I should check my email for more information on the verification process. I logged into my email account but there was no message from Iq Option-I even checked the spam folder. This prompted me to contact customer service, who directed me to upload my national ID and a screenshot of my skrill "personal cabinet"-which is my withdrawal platform-through the same email address that I registered my Iq Option account with. I complied with their request, and they assured me that my account will be verified by Friday the same week.

Friday came and went but my funds are still on hold, so I contacted customer service again and they assured me that my funds will be released "as soon as possible." Not satisfied with this vague response I pressed them to explain what they meant by "as soon as possible," and this time they said that it might take up to 30 days. This made me even more suspicious of their intentions so I inquired why they need such a long time frame to basically look at two images. Their response was that they need to check my entire trading history! WTF!

Why is it that they never concerned themselves with my trading habits when I was making losses? It might be worth noting that my Iq Option account has been active since December 15, 2016 and they have never requested any form of ID from me up last week. Needless to say, I don't really have faith in this company anymore and I might as well count my losses as I don't see them releasing my winnings. To anyone reading this, I would have you know that I read similar negative reviews about this trading platform but I was very skeptical of such reviews.

Well, now I'm the one writing a negative review about the company, complaining about the same things that other reviewers have done so before me. My advice to anyone thinking of signing up to this platform is simply to walk away. This platform clearly doesn't expect you to make any profits because why else would they need to check YOUR ENTIRE TRADING HISTORY before they release your funds? Save yourself the hassle and sign up with any other platform unless you're looking to waste your time and money.

PS: I am not attaching any screenshots of my conversations with their customer service because I don't want anyone to lose their jobs over this. These are people who are just trying to make an honest living and have nothing to do with Iq Option's underhanded practices. I know this decision somewhat lowers the credibility of this review but anyone who'd like to prove me wrong is welcome to do so.

I also refused to believe other reviewers and signed up with Iq Option against my better judgement. See how far that got me...

Product or Service Mentioned: Iq Option Ecommerce Platform.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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yes they are claiming that they are complying too all the regulatory means.Which means simply.As long you loose your trading activities will not be investigated.As soon you withdraw large amounts of moneyinto your wallets then the problems starts.They send the application towards their monitoring system,and department of legalality....These guys are going too check if your tradings are not in contradiction with regulatority measures.Which means if they found out,that you are withdrawing large amounts of money based on fraudelent means your money will not be paid out......So the 30 days is applied in order too investigate afcourse.....However most traders and retailers are just little investors that want too make extra money.They do not have any intentions to defraud the system because they do not have the means to do that.So the regulatority means is for protecing the business.It is contradictory too you as a trader that wants too make extra money for your children,your pension or some other objective.Do not invest any funds in these guys.The real crooks are they.....They should pay out your money without complication and if there is,any problem regarding trading then they should communicate that right away.Not after you make a huge amount of cash.......or even when you loose money..Thats why stay out of gambling houses.Especially with regulation.They use regulation too scam the people of and too block the withdrawal possiblities.-asking again your card of identity-asking again your creditcard-monitoring your tradings and try too scam you with laws-claim that you are the fraud and block the account while the real fraud is the broker himself-waiting procedures and other means too frustrate the costumerit is just aburd and disgusting!!!!!If they really love their clients then stop doing these things,and start carrying for them.People just want to make a extra buck for their pension,but afcourse these guys steal money and scam them,based on regulatory means....It is so wrong


Hello! We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Let us tell you that not all of our traders have to go through the identification process.

The procedure is applied in terms of security of your account and funds.

You may find the information about the case in our Terms&Conditions (Payment Policy section), in some cases, the Company may increase the identification process up to 30 working days.

kindly contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

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