As a beginner trader at the start had no clue about this stuff and I did feel that it was all a scam but unfortunately for me every bid I done it went opposite I went up it went down I went down it went up one day i went up it went down I went up it went down 4/5 times it went straight down all of a sudden I went down it went up again same scenario. I think the biggest majority of traders are new and have no clue like me.

However I stopped doing every trade saying into myself it going up and if it went down no biggy and then started to wait for a string signal and analysing the trades and found out from you tube martingale stragety you bet 1/3/8/18 and so on and win a small profit however that doesnt mean it will work all the time it works the majority of the time again I have lost alot of money and had alot of trouble withdrawing money and putting money in you need to be aware of the money lost you can recieve and make sure you know the one who to blame is yourself. I am not telling you to join as I'm not an affiliate of the program I'm a customer and too much of my knowledge i have had some issues and last week put 60 UK pounds made 1000 UK Pounds 3 days 1 day to skrill and 1 day to get into bank and on a tournament that I'm second in think it was 1400 UK pounds i will win hopefully when it ends next week if you have no clue about trading try tournament buy in some tournament cost as little as 13 UK pounds or lower and get a high balance to start like 1000 or 10000 dollars to play with and if you loose the 10000 you will need to rebuy for 13 UK pounds so what I'm trying to say is go for the least amount of losses with Tournaments and play with the money they give you you never know you may win bigger and if ou dont you will loose your 13 UK pounds but if you sont want to its on you !!!!!

MAybe in the near future if i do win too much money they will start makie me loose money however i dont see how the company is a SCAM theres no eveidence other than newbies putting too much money in !!!!

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Fake review.


I have been trading small amounts with IQ option for the last 12 months.

From the reviews i have read and trading experience with them i will not be trading any significant amount of money with them and will find a better broker.

Its very easy to win on a demo account but impossible on a live account.

The tournaments they offer are definitely rigged. Within minutes of these tournaments starting the initial $100 they start each account off with has in several cases for the top 3 or 4 leaders increased to thousands of dollars which is impossible.

It's so blatantly done it's just a joke.

Going through the winners of these tournaments the same names appear every time.

I wonder who these accounts really belong to. I think a lot more research needs to be done on this broker before people invest too heavily with them.


@ I have lost alot of money and had alot of trouble withdrawing money and putting money in you need to be aware of the money lost you can recieve and make sure you know the one who to blame is yourself.

Yep, losing money is what makes their business profitable, withdrawing money from your account should not be an issue for any legit business, yet this is a common experience it would seem, putting money in and having trouble, well thats even weirder, and yep you are right, take responsibility for your actions for sure...

Personally, IQ just stink too much of cheats and less than ethical practices, their app has a nasty habit of shafting you far far far too often, not something experienced by the vast majority of other people on other application/interfaces, which can only leave one feeling that you are being screwed at will by IQ and their lovely application...

Ivor Biggun

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