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In April, 2018, I was paid $1M after I completed a road construction contract. Few months later, I saw a Binary investment advert online with exorbitant rewards and bonuses.

Out of curiosity I signed up and I was referred to someone who said he will grow my investment portfolio. After so many consultations I accepted the offer and invested $350,000. Two months later I noticed I was unable to login my account to withdraw my money. I reported the problem to security agencies.

I was told it was a scam but I was not given justice. It was a complete nightmare until I was able to run into a recovery expert who helped me recover my lost money from the bogus binary options broker.

I’m only willing to share my experience and that you can get the same recovery expert, at fundsrecoverydome(AT)protonmail(DOT)com for who have fallen victim of binary options broker scams. I strongly advice you stop if you haven't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iq Option Binary Option Trading.

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Hello! We are sorry to hear that you have had this type of experience with some brokers.

However let me please comment on this case in order to clarify some points. Please mind that under no circumstances we can block an account without any substantial reasons to that. That is simply illegal and therefore out of our practice. We do not block account based on their Profitability, this is illegal as well and can be traced.

We can block the account in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, also if we don't receive all the required documents for verification or if one has used the third party's details. The violation of our Terms&Condition should take place for such actions from our side. Please, contact our support for the reason why your account is blocked. Moreover we don't partner with any institutions that fake promise return of investments from brokers.

In T&C of every company it is stated that responsibility of investment is on the investor (owner of the account). Therefore all the companies that promise you refunds are trying to scam you in the first place.

The best advice would be to take into consideration that trading is a very risky domain and you should never risk your investment if you don't have any money management strategy in place. In case you have other questions, you can always contact us via Alina IQ Option

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