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I consider a lot the testimonials about the complaints when trading at IQoption.Let's suppose that I have 5 euros and I am ready to click PUT and just wait 2 minutes to expire for USD/EUR and when I see that it is in loss at the expired time I have a new open tab/window with the same EUR/USD and insist to do a single click at 12 euros for another 2 minutes.On my second attempt the platform converts my single click to a double click and from one option to two options,so the amount for bet becomes double from 12 euros to 24 euros.That happened many times and the last time destroyed my plan to focus on four consecutive attempts and lost my capital.Just wait for their answer after I have sent screen shots as it is shown the amount of bet but a double click and two options simultaneously purchased.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iq Option Ecommerce Platform.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not accidentally by me!!!!One specific amount,one single click I do and the platform converts it to 2 clicks and 2 options purchase simultaneously.In practice I have full knowledge when I do one single click and want to open 1 deal but I do also have full knowledge that an IT department can manipulate the movements and clicks from my mouse button.Please stop it!!!!



If you accidentally open deals twice, you may disable "Buy Options with a Single Click" In this case, you will be able to confirm every deal you are opening.

IQ Option Support Team

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