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I had recently pumped in the money around 15K In the company address that was happened on 22th August 2018 when Robert Wilfred introduce me this IQ options until 31st August, I just realised I got scam by the Ernest Raymond and Robert Wilfred when I was realised it was too late that they didn't even pay the 4600 money to the tax payer as I had thoroughly check the SEC transaction

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tried both forex and binary options, got scammed real bad, over 42k in total. my savings gone!!

they disappeared and stopped responding after knowing my intention to withdraw my funds. it was funny how everyone acted in the same manner. First they try to convince you to invest more, then when they see its not working they ask for stupid dumb documents and after you send this they start wasting your time until eventually they disappear. I was lucky to have stumbled on binaryoptionassetrecovery, com, very professional team who helped me get back almost all of my investment back.

well i got more than 90% back and that felt like all my money back to me.

If you’ve been scammed i think you should consult them, they'll help if they can. i mean both forex and binary options.


Hello, sir! The person you refer to, that contacted you on behalf of IQ Option has no connection with our company whatsoever.

Please, mind that all traders on our platform have to create account, trade, deposit and withdraw themselves. Our managers teach how to trade, provide you with different strategies and help to resolve issues. They don’t trade on your behalf. Their data (names and phone numbers) is shown on the platform (only VIP clients can see it).

Our employees don't work with traders through Facebook/ Instagram/ WhatsApp. So it means that any broker - contacting you through Facebook - claiming to be our employee - asking to send money - promising big profit in a short time is a SCAMMER!

Thank you for understanding. Alina IQ Option Team


I was contacted from CT Binary Option company based in London. I was offered a trading account where experts' in their field would trade a Managed Account on my behalf and would take 10% of any profits.

The minimum investment to access the Managed Account was £15,000. I was approached again once I made the £20,000 investment to add a further £25,000 to access a higher return on my investment. I accepted this offer. Despite numerous phone calls to the office for someone to call with my account details, no one has returned my calls.

I believe many naive people deserve to know they can’t solely depend or rely on binary options brokers .

As It can be of great advantage or disadvantages which affect various lives in different ramifications. Read more at:

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